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Current Storyline 
Mind Trap

Created by- Angela Beaman
Assitant Writer - Terry Bailey

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24th September - Have
updated the links and editing
again, The comic is coming
back soon!! - but it well be only
on a weekly update, Don't
forget my DA - i update there
alot more often ^^(but it's also
more a personal gallery then
my website one)

20th September - Profiles
and fan art have been updated
The Forum is acting a bit odd
so currently switched over to
this one as well 

26th  August-  Been
Working on the new gallery
alot - i havn't been drawing -
and i feel bad about it :(
the forum is pretty busy still
so don't worry to much over the
comic - It WELL come back
eventually - just might take
some time - but am alright

13th August -  Overhauled
the site again, did editing and
added new art pics for savrin
and yuumei, and fixed up fanart
galleries, also also another brand
new image map - to add in more
links - gallery has been updated

This site is under construction.